Safety & Security Solutions

At ABC4U we can offer you different Safety and Security Solutions through our Business Partners for whom we only assist as Branding & Marketing Agents. So you don’t pay for what we do. You only pay the Safety and Security Company you choose to work with. The Company give us a Performance Commission if we reach our targets, so it is really a Win for Them and You.

 As these Service Providers or Safety and Security Companies are Independent, each one will sign with you, as you decide, when and who will be your service provider. You are in control and at the end of the day you get a better Price and Service without the effort of recruiting them yourselves. We will do that for you.

You can thus follow your dream and be successful at what you specialize in, and we will safeguard your Brand and Property, something we specialize in.

We can offer you solutions ranging from the following:

Guarding and Physical Security Solutions
Alarms, CCTV, Cameras and Surveillance Security Solutions
Perimeter Fencing and Electric Fencing Security Solutions
Monitoring and Armed Response Security Solutions
Health & Safety Management Solutions
Access Control and Time & Attendance Security Solutions

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