Marketing Solutions

At ABC4U we do Marketing the New and Improved Way.

What do you need? Social Media Campaign. Mobile Media Marketing. Branding. 1-on-1 Marketing and Sales. Online Directory Marketing. Google Ads. Facebook Marketing. Vehicle Branding.

It’s Affirmative, we Improve Brands to Transform Industries.

Business Consulting

Business Consulting 4 U

Business Consulting is what we are good at. At ABC4U we help and assist you in the Business and Personal Functions and Systems that you can’t cope with, or don’t have the time to manage properly, or you just don’t want to. We do the Marketing, Distribution, Procurement, Sales, Financial, Human Resources or Management Systems for you on a monthly basis and you just get billed for the time we invest on it, so you save time and money, while your work gets done.

Medical Insurance

Employment Benefits

At ABC4U we make sure you invest in your health. Also you can now through your Employer get Affordable Medical Cover & Provident Fund Solutions from Us. For more info contact us Today Here We realized over the past few decades that Employees are the driving force of any business. If you can imagine the engine of your Brand and Business Vehicle. If you look well after your engine the vehicle will last much longer and perform better than you’ve imagined etc.

You get the picture? In today’s economy though, the most of your Employees are either not where they want to be, have a lot of baggage that they have to carry every day or they are negative and pulling your vehicle to the curb. Your Brand might be suffering a slow but painful death because of your, “not so loyal anymore”, Employees. How do we change this? How do we even start to develop a new and better workforce for the Biggest Asset we have, Our Brand!? It is actually very easy. You start with your “engine”, and you work your way out to the Image of what your Brand Stands for. At ABC4U we Improve Brands, to Transform Industries. We work with the Core 5 Systems of any Brand, and that is Your People, Systems, Technology, Finance (Risk) and Resources. We know that if we can show you how to improve these than your Brand will be able to Perform much better.

We help your Workforce to Perform better.

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ABC4U work together with TransformationSA to help Improving Community Development and Transformation. We do different community development projects to improve Community Transformation nationally.

Glyco Nutrition

Body Composition – Fat Loss & Nutrition

ABC4U offer a variety of Wellness & Nutritional Products and Services.  From Glyco Nutrition to Targeted Health & Wellness and Body Composition Products.

We can help you Transform your Health and Wellness.

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We don’t really think a lot about what we really digest every day, or do we? These days definitely more then 20 years ago. But do we really?

When you eat, you digest Nutritional Value, Calories, Vitamins, Minerals, Fat, Cellulose, Carbohydrates, Water, Sugars and a lot of elements that our body need on a daily basis, to Grow, or Cleanse itself, and Fight against Diseases, Defend itself against sickness and Maintain itself so it can give you Optimal Wellness. So we need to look properly after our body because it is after all, the only one we have.

At ABCWellness we strive to offer you the best Real Food Technology, Plant Based, Nutritional Supplements so that what your body don’t get from your daily diet, and believing you me it does not, it will definitely gets from our Supplements.

We have joined up with an International Brand that have the Resources, Man Power, Technology, Financial Stability, Quality Control and People to Deliver the best, absorbable, Real Food Technology, Plant Based Nutrition you will ever get anywhere.

We have got more then 130 patents on our products, so what we offer, you will definitely not get anywhere else on the market. We operate in 26 Countries currently and we are moving to be in 50 Countries very soon.

If you use our Products and you don’t feel a difference we also offer you a 90 Day Money back Guarantee.

But I can Assure you, when you start using our products, it will change your world forever. You will be the person you always wanted to be. The better performer, the only one awake in your office at 17H00 and definitely the one with that energy, you always envied from your friends.

What makes our Products different? It is 100% Natural, Real Food Technology, Plant Based and Absorbable, and Not Synthetic at all.

Our Lab in Texas have State of the Art Equipment for our Scientists to create the best products possible. We have Patents on our products and we can break down any of our products we develop, to 1 molecule. So What we say on the label we have put in the product. We already have done the Millions of Dollars worth of Research and Development on this Food Technology, so that you don’t have to. You can just use the products and know that it is safe and quality products, and most of all, really adding the nutrition in your body that you don’t get from your daily diet.

If you want to give yourself the best chance of really living to your Optimal Wellness, give us a call and we will set up an appointment with you to discuss the best way forward.

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Webhosting Solutions

At ABC4U we supply Webhosting for an Affordable and Cost Effective Price. We also walk the extra mile with you and we support you so that your Solutions run 24/7 without any major Interruptions.

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Social Media

Social Media Solutions in 2019

At ABC4U we have the correct Social Media Integrated Solutions to help Grow your Clients & Income in 2019. This is your year. Grab it and Call us for more info.

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